Hi, I am Pixie

I hand make each item made to order. I prefer to have an open and honest business so here's what makes me different.


Stainless steel

Most people can wear stainless steel without any issue, if you have a nickel allergy, or are wanting the longest wear out of your jewelry. Stainless steel is strong and does not change color over time such as plated chains.  If you are extremely sensitive to nickel this is 304 stainless. Which still has 8% nickel I am extremely sensitive and I will say I can wear all day just do not sleep in it.

Zinc alloy

Most of my pendants that are not hand stamped are zinc alloy.  Plated metals will if worn for years will fade into a copper color. This is what people call Tibetan silver though it doesn't come from Tibet oddly. A lovely nickel free option.

Aluminum hand stamped items

I prefer to hand stamp on aluminum as it is a strong nickel free option and lasts a long time. I buy quality blanks at a variety of thicknesses each piece has been tested for strength and durability.

Why plastic hooks?

For those of us who have severe nickel allergies so sensitive that you can not wear stainless I offer plastic hooks and plastic clip on earrings. I do this as this is the only option I can use myself and I feel some might want the same joy.

Jewelry Care : Tips to get the longest life out of your jewelry

Try to not get the jewelry wet this will greatly extend the life out of plated items.

Polish with a microfiber cloth or grab a pro polish pad.

Returns and exchanges.

I accept returns with you providing the returning shipping. If something arrives damaged or doesn't show delivered on tracking ( lost in mail) I will offer a refund or resend if possible.

If it arrives damaged please send a picture so I can know where I went wrong. I strive to make quality products and this helps me build further a better business. This helps me help you.

If you want anything custom just let me know.

Thank you Pixie Tree Leaf