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As my first blog. I am overwhelmed with things I want to share. I will start with this. I work a part time job, I come home, I create. I used to do many gigs. I would vend my wares and after a time I realized.... I was just producing. I wasn't making art for the sake of making art. I lost touch with my true creative side. I was doing it to survive. Not to thrive.

I have come to realize the funnest part of creating is learning the techniques I need to be good at anything. I have many mediums. I love them all but after a burnout beyond all burnouts I will probably be avoiding some crafts for a while. I want to only create things that help me find my joy. I will not be doing customs. I want to present to everyone art I enjoy and am proud of each piece. I don't want to ever sit down to make art and sigh again.

Vending will be limited to very few shows. I found the burnout too much.

I am excited to bring to everyone my many crafts. Please look forward to the following.

Resin art, polymer clay art and sculptures, leather working, and more.

My styles are a collective of many things I like.  I love plants, nature, glitter,  creepy, and cute things. I use a lot of color shifts, pigment powders, moss, stones, and glow in the dark pigments.

Thanks for listening to the old fairy of the forests excited rant about art.

Until next time Pixie Tree Leaf